Jack E. Craig

Jack is the President and CEO of Craig Wire Products LLC. He has over 43 years of experience in the manufacturing or distribution of magnet wire. Jack spent his first 14 years in the magnet wire industry with Essex Magnet Wire where he held the positions of Vice President Magnet Wire Sales and Vice President and General Manager of their distribution operations, now Essex Brownell. The next 17 years were spent with EIS, Electrical Insulation Suppliers in Atlanta, Georgia as Vice President Electrical Business. After leaving EIS Jack was President and CEO of Von Roll Americas and Head of the Von Roll Global Electrical Business for 5 years. In 2007 he co-founded Craig Wire Products.


Brad Archambeau

Brad is the Vice President of Sales for Craig Wire Products. Brad has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of coils and magnet wire. Prior to co-founding Craig Wire, Brad was Vice President and General Manager of Von Roll Austral for 12 years where he developed a “customer solutions” culture in a magnet wire manufacturing operation. Brad joined Austral after 13 years at Swiger Coil in Cleveland. Brad’s background in coil manufacturing makes him a valuable resource for our customers when questions arise in the processing and manufacture of coils.


Linda M. Belcher

Linda is the Vice President of Operations for Craig Wire Products. Linda has over 24 years of experience in magnet wire manufacturing, operations and quality assurance. After graduating from Georgia Tech Linda began her career in the electrical industry by joining Chemtronics as a quality assurance chemist. Upon leaving Chemtronics she joined Von Roll Austral and developed an in depth quality assurance program. In 2007 Linda co-founded Craig Wire Products and immediately developed a “customer first” culture within both the manufacturing and the quality assurance departments.


Brett A. Portwood

Brett is the Plant Manager and co-founder of Craig Wire Products. Brett has over 37 years of experience in engineering, production and equipment design. This experience was key to the development of CWP as a world class manufacturer of magnet wire. Most of our manufacturing equipment is of his proprietary design. This allows us to produce superior magnet wire to what can be produced by commercially available equipment.


Jason A. Craig

As a recent Harvard Business School graduate Jason has over 14 years of sales and marketing experience in the electrical industry beginning with Von Roll, then Isovolta prior to joining Craig Wire Products in 2010. As Vice President of Marketing, Jason covers the Midwest United States, Canada and Mexico markets. His knowledge of these markets as well as his fluency in French and Spanish make him an invaluable member of the CWP team.

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