The first step of the magnet wire manufacturing process is drawing. Using our UDM drawing machine, we process ½” and 5/16” copper rod down to the custom round size needed for the next step of the manufacturing process



The second step of the wire process is to roll through either our 3-stand or 2 stand rolling mills in order to flatten the round process wire into the final wire size ordered by the customer.

If the end product calls for the wire to be covered only with either polyimide film, Mica, Nomex® or Daglas, the bare wire is annealed in our Lindberg batch ovens.



We have the capability to insulate wire with mica, Kapton® film, Apical® film, Nomex® paper or Daglas. If required we can supply Daglas in a varnished form.



We enamel wire to NEMA standards or specific customer specifications. We can manufacture NEMA 36-C 200 degree enameled product (CW200) or NEMA 20-C 240 degree product (CW240ML).

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