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April 2024 

Craig Wire Products announces expansion in Douglasville, GA. !

Craig Wire Products, a leading manufacturing of “quick turn” shaped copper magnet wire is excited to announce the acquisition of an additional manufacturing facility in Douglasville, GA.

The 37,000 Sq Ft facility is located approximately one mile from the existing CWP plant. This expansion will allow CWP to enter new markets with new product offerings from bare aluminum magnet wire to high temperature insulated wrapped aluminum magnet wire. Additionally, the new plant will facilitate increased production capacity and most importantly, increase speed to the marketplace! This new facility will be additive to the existing CWP business model and is presently in the process of setting up equipment to be fully operational by the end of 2024.

 October 2023 – Breast Cancer Awareness 

Craig Wire Products is proud to be an annual benefactor to the Mayo Clinic for cancer research to hopefully be successful when “we increase the speed at which innovations are adopted.”  Please visit this Mayo Clinic link for further information regarding this endeavor. 


October 2019

 CWP closed it’s 37,000 sf manufacturing facility in Temple, Georgia and transferred all production to its 42,000 sf manufacturing facility in Douglasville, Georgia.


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